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I've seen Dr. Feldman for nearly 30 years and have the highest regard for their care and quality of service. One word describes them: Awesome.
Susan H    -    July 2019

If you are looking for a "Guardian Angel" to ensure that your eye care is in the best hands available, then Dr. Ellie Samadani is your pathway to success! Simply stated: "She really cares about the well-being of all her patients, and goes that extra-mile in her chosen field of expertise. Robin L-P
Robin L    -    May 2019

Creig Greaves - The best experience with a doctor ever, except my father who was also a doctor. Cataract surgery was WONDERFUL. Went from not being able to drive at night or being able to read a restaurant menu to not even needing glasses at all. A life changing experience - really! Do no hesitate to use Dr. Feldman for a minute. The surgery is a breeze with him.?
Creig G    -    May 2018

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the wonderful medical care you and your personnel have provided to me. Your skills and teamwork in correcting my deteriorating eyesight is truly a gift from God and a miracle I am sincerely thankful for. At age 69 I have almost perfect vision, better vision than I have ever had. It's so good to know we in San Diego have such professional and kind men to care for our medical needs.
Roger H    -    April 2017

The staff and the doctor and the optician are so nice and welcoming and very good at what they do they are so helpful and amazing, im so happy with this ophthalmologist location and I am really grateful for there help and support for my eyes to help me see i am looking forward to receiving my glasses, Thank You
Karina K    -    Febuary 2017

My vision has gone from poor to excellent because of Dr. Feldman's expertise and the new Symfony implants. Thank you for telling me about them. I am very please to see distance and close-up with clarity. I haven't seen so well since I was ten. I was happy to work with the members of your staff, each one so competent and courteous. Thanks to Dr. Feldman and his staff, I have, at age eight-two, a new lease on life.
Margaret A    -    November 2016

DR ZAVERI operated on my left eye in March and my right eye in August. I have had severe near-sightedness for 62 years and did well with contact lenses for many years. As I aged I developed cataracts in both eyes and was having a lot of trouble driving at night. The staff at One to One were very helpful and Janice in the office helped me schedule everything.The first surgery went very well and Dr. Zaveri took great care with his measurements to make sure I got the best correction possible (I had a lot of astigmatism in that eye). I was amazed at how quickly the surgery went and how well I could see the next day. I had my right eye done in August and again all went well. Both surgeries were done at North Coast Surgical Center in Vista. The staff there are great. I now have almost 20/20 vision and for the first time in many years open my eyes in the morning to a clear view of everything, no more contacts or glasses except for reading small print.
Agnes M    -    August 2016

Dr. Sanford Feldman, an ophthalmologist at One to One Lasik, 3737 Moraga Ave., 92117, (858) 272-3456 is absolutely the best physician I have encountered in my 76 long years, during which I estimate I must have seen at least 100 physicians. First, he is more careful about explaining the situation than almost any other physician I have encountered. Second, and most amazingly, he puts everything in very clear writing, which no other physician in my experience does. It is widely known that patients often don’t follow the physician’s instructions, often because the instructions aren’t written down in a way so the patient can follow them, and often the instructions aren’t written down at all, but delivered in quick speech. Dr. Feldman is so concerned about this that for crucial elements of his instructions he requires that the patient re-write the element in the patient’s own handwriting. And just as an added bonus, his office works like clockwork, which I think may be indicative of other important attitudes. Dr. Feldman recently replaced both of the cataract-threatened lenses of my wife. She now sees better than she has for all of her life. Nobody wants to undergo surgery, but the whole experience has been excellent, largely because of Dr. Feldman’s practices.
Alan C    -    June 2016

Thank yoU Dr. Feldman and staff for your amazing efforts to take care of me before I left the country for 2 years. I am so grateful for your dedication and commitment to top quality care.
Cindi C    -    May 2016

I finally saw Sanford Feldman today. What a wonderful experience. He must have spent two hours with me and my husband, carefully thinking about the existing vision problems I have and what type of cataract surgery and lens would work best. He's such a good communicator and it took me no more than 10 minutes to know that I wanted him to do my cataract surgery. I haven't experienced medicine practiced this way in many, many years . . . maybe even since I was in nursing school 50 years ago!
Linda C    -    May 2016

I was very happy and satisfied with my initial consultation with Dr. Zaveri. Down to earth communication, and close attention to detail.
Zach M    -    May 2016

I expect that it is a pretty frequent occurrence for patients to thank you for restoring their eyesight. So, I want to add my name to what I am sure are the hundreds or even thousands of your patients who are so grateful to you for all your care and expertise. Having practiced medicine for more years than I care to remember, I know what goes into not only developing the skills and knowledge to deliver the best possible care, but also to managing a top-grade practice. And you have excelled in both. For the first time in over 40 years I am able to see and read without glasses. The entire treatment experience was smooth, painless and effortless from my point of view. I cannot thank you enough for your compassion, concern and superb treatment.
John P    -    April 2016

From the first visit I was impressed as soon as I walked in the door. I love the virtual fish tanks in their waiting room. Very calming. Every staff member I interacted with was friendly, helpful and always had a smile on their faces. Trevi, who fitted me with contacts, was incredibly patient during the process, provided a ton of helpful information and put a lot of effort into getting my contacts as perfect as possible. Their personalized approach to service is evident and top notch. I highly recommend One to One Lasik!
Tracey P    -    April 2016

Dr. Feldman,thank you so much for your excellent service and compassionate care. I appreciate all of your time and kindness you have shown me. You have restored my vision and for that I am forever grateful. Thank you for being a great doctor and for a pleasant experience. You are truly a blessing!
Jennie    -    April 2016

I felt it appropriate to write you a note of thanks for the emergency treatment you and your staff gave me when I came to you last Friday with a foreign object in my eye. Your treatment, as well as the concern and professionalism shown to us by your staff, were a welcome relief from the "how are you going to pay, get in the assembly line" medical assistance one frequently finds in other treatment settings. I cringe to think of what I might have gone through, facing the weekend, if you had not made yourself available and provided such excellent treatment of a very scary as well as painful experience.
Eric W    -    March 2016

Doctor Comments
Thanks so much for writing Eric. Glad we could be of help.

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