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LASIK is a highly successful procedure, intended to reduce or eliminate dependence on glasses or contact lenses. The people who are happiest after LASIK are usually those who start out with realistic expectations about what the procedure can and cannot accomplish. For example, if your goal is to see much better nearly all of the time without dependence on glasses or contacts, you are very likely to be very happy with your LASIK experience. If your goal is to see even better after LASIK than you presently see with your best glasses or contact lenses, you may be expecting more than can routinely be accomplished with LASIK.

The vast majority of people undergoing LASIK will see well enough after the procedure to pass a driver's license vision test without glasses or contacts. Many will see 20/20, or close to 20/20. However, LASIK is not guaranteed to deliver 20/20 vision. Individual results can depend on a number of factors, one of the most important being how your particular eye heals after the procedure.

Occasionally, people will find that a weak pair of glasses is still helpful after LASIK for certain situations, such as night time driving. It is also possible to experience some starbursts or halos around lights at night after LASIK surgery. In most cases these are temporary and not bothersome.
 It is also important to realize that LASIK does not stop age-related changes in the eye. If one continues to become more nearsighted or farsighted after LASIK, some increased dependence on glasses may again develop over time. That's why it is best to have LASIK when your glasses or contact lens prescription has been fairly stable over time.

LASIK neither reduces the risk of developing eye conditions later in life, such as cataracts, glaucoma, or macular degeneration nor interferes with the usual treatments for these disorders. And LASIK does not decrease the risk of certain retinal disorders that are slightly more common in highly nearsighted individuals. So regular complete eye examinations are still important after LASIK.

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